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Animal Sacrifice


Special ritual: animal sacrifice


DEEP Black Magic



Since over 1000 Years have animal sacrifice a part of human culture hroughout the history of human civilisation. In ancient Israel, Jehovah asked the children of Israel to slaughter an animal and paint its blood on the doorpost. During that night, he ordered that each first-born be killed. All those houses marked with blood were spared by Jehovah. This is just one example of the holiness of blood.


As the above example shows, blood and animal sacrifices are not unusual, and the same applies in Voodoo. When a case has become very complicated and results seem to be a long way off, Voodoo priests still rely on animal sacrifices (cocks, goats, sheep, cows, doves... depending on the matter to be resolved), as the most effective (up to 99%) and fastest route to the client’s satisfaction.


However, we must include a warning that this procedure is a very complicated one with no turning back! It should only ever be considered as a final solution for a very complicated case!


An animal sacrifice is the only Voodoo procedure which can lead to the fulfilment of many desires or the resolution of problems, e.g. love, money, happiness, success, in one go - even for the whole family, as well as to release from black magic and powerful curses that have reached over generations and affected several people. A blood ritual can break a strong will.

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"Animal Sacrifice"


The blood ritual


Here are a few examples of where an animal sacrifice might be used:


applying or escaping



- black magic of any kind, blockades


- possession


- infertility


- higher sperm count


- curses – on entire families over generations


- a partner’s return, togetherness, closeness with a partner, separation from a partner


- harmful magic, evil magic (loss of love, success, money, health...)


- abundance of money, happiness, success in all directions


- love and friends


- pregnancy and much more


- exorcism


- health, HIV - Aids - Cancer and more


- protection of knife cut or stabbing or gunshot


- help those whose people are in prison to be free, documents, trial

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