What is the meaning of clairvoyance, card reading and oracles?


Clairvoyance is a collective term for the hypothetical art of perception. Card reading and oracles are one area of clairvoyance and soothsaying. A card reader believes he or she has the ability, with the aid of cards (such as playing cards (skat cards) or gypsy, Lenormand, Kipper, angel or tarot cards), to make predictions about people and situations from the past, present and future without needing extensive knowledge to do so. In order to interpret an oracle, the clairvoyant needs tools such as stones, shells or bones.


Clairvoyance - Card reading - Oracles - Pendulums


Past - Present - Future


Accurate with time details – Problem analysis


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How it began .....


In certain situations I experienced feelings like a profound tingling in my stomach, along with premonitions, even as a very small child; but I wasn't then aware of the abilities I actually possessed. It was only many years later that I discovered I was descended from an Italian gypsy family. As a 15-year-old, I had my first real experiences with clairvoyance. Unfortunately the experience was not a happy one, since I foresaw the death of my father. Four weeks later, he suffered a heart attack, even though he had been in extremely good health. At that time I had no interest at all in esotericism or the like, but over the next three years I experienced several unusual events that I had foreseen shortly before they occurred. Again and again I experienced parapsychological phenomena (déjà-vus), so I was automatically driven to address the area of my life and I began doing card readings firstly for myself, then later for friends and family. I bought countless books, both old and new, about parapsychology, astrology, card reading and numerology until I finally found my deck of cards and drafted my own system for reading them.



Extensive experience


Do you have questions regarding your relationships, a partnership, health, difficulties at work or anything else? For more than 30 years I have offered card-based, mediumistic clairvoyance, combined with a sharpened sixth sense and notable intuition. I have extensive experience with various gypsy cards, Lenormand cards, shells and bone oracles as well as pendulums. I can see your past, present and future and can give you time-related information on it. With the help of my deck of cards, I am also able to interpret your present thoughts, feelings and fears, as well as those of your partner, and to recognise problems and find a purposeful way to resolve them.


I can also give you details of when would be a favourable time to carry out a ritual for you. I can purposefully set out future prospects in answer to each one of your questions and point out signposts to you.


I look forward to your call or to meeting you in person.



You can use PayPal to make a payment quickly and securely to: and arrange a telephone consultation with me immediately (generally within one hour). You can of course use a standard bank transfer if you prefer.


You can then call me onsee me in person and have your cards read.

Call: 0034-666852194


My fixed price for a card reading of up to 60 minutes is € 50.00.


To arrange an appointment over the phone, please call.


For more information contact: info"maerlyn.ritualscom


I look forward to the opportunity to advise you.


Regards, Maerlyn

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