Spiritual Housecleansing



Spiritual Housecleansing



Spiritual – energetic – electromagnetic house cleansing


(ridding your home of disturbances)



If you no longer feel at ease in your home or your office, there may be various causes, such as interfering fields, an intersection of two watercourses deep in the earth, perhaps under your bed, or electromagnetic radiation sources, high-frequency radiation and faults in the earth. Rare phenomena, such as things disappearing, negative energies, poltergeists and much more can also make your life difficult and rob you of your enjoyment of life.


Yet there are ways of restoring harmony to your life – with professional home cleansing.


Reading of interfering fields with divining rods and measuring devices


External inspection of the property with the divining rod


Internal inspection of the property with the divining rod


Search with rods for underground watercourses and the range of their effects


Reading of rock fractures, faults and energy points


Search and reading of interfering fields (reflections and resonance fields)


Search and reading according to radiation grids (curry networks, Hartmann grid)


Readings in the “sleeping areas”



Spiritual inspection – according to spectral activity


Inspection by Voodoo priests for rare phenomena, ghosts, poltergeists


Neutralisation of interfering fields


Neutralisation of and shielding from interfering fields such as electromagnetic radiation sources, electro-smog such as watercourses, earth faults, high-frequency radiation etc. using cleansing plates


The effect of the plates is based on two spirals, which are set up in an infinitely left or right-turning form.

The cleansing plates work according to the bio-resonance principle, in which the radiation absorbed, such as that from watercourses or from the earth, runs through the plates and is rereleased in virtually no time at all. The various parts of the plates change the radiation so that any (negative) radiation taken in is as good as cancelled out by the (positive) radiation given off. The plates release positive energy and cleanse and harmonise the whole environment.


Spiritual elimination of negative vibrations


Elimination of negative energies, poltergeists, ghosts, rare phenomena, curses of all kinds and black magic through spiritual house cleansing and fumigation by Voodoo priests.



Protecting the home


Living, office and sleeping area protection through protective fumigation and the laying of protective pillows by Voodoo priests



Indications of radiation disturbances might be:


poor or interrupted sleep as well as tiredness after sleeping for a long time, depression, tumours, gout, chronic back pain, nervousness and irritability, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, rheumatism.

Indications of curses, poltergeists or black magic might be:


- negative energies, vibrations


- a sudden feeling of unease in rooms


- feelings of anxiety or sadness in the home


- a lasting negative atmosphere in living or office areas


- ongoing relationship stress


- you or your fellow residents get angry or irritated more often (showing aggression)


- your pet behaves strangely or reacts to invisible things


- if “inexplicable” things happen, such as objects moving or disappearing


- if you have the feeling that “something” is bearing down on the back of your neck


- cold or cold draughts in the rooms despite heating


- if you often feel tired and tense


- rare phenomena, ghosts, poltergeists


- sudden loss of friends, family, fortune ...


- increasing numbers of sudden deaths among relatives and acquaintances


- ongoing and significant money problems, and much more




Option 1: Full package


Option 2: Energetic-spiritual house cleansing


Option 3: Neutralisation of interfering fields





In order to be able to put together a personal package for you, we need:


a description of the circumstances, precise location, total area in m2, number of rooms, size of each room (m2), number of doors and windows, size of garden, garage, place if applicable


Enquire at maerlyn.rituals@yahoo.com

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