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large bushfire 2- 2013


Fran has over there many centuries old ritual space that ancestores of Voodoo Priest Shalunga ( Africa ) protects from wildfire! The bush fire has a circle around the ritual space - wich can seen clearly. When we on 2.15.2013 again sought out the ritual space, the smoke was still steming around the ritual space.

What is voodoo?



Voodoo magic (spiritual ritual) is known as the most powerful form of occultism. VOODOO originated as a West African religion from the Yoruba tradition and comes from a word used by the West African people for spirit or deity of the Loas (gods). The Voodoo religion is predominantly known in Africa and Haiti for its animal sacrifice and practice of white and black magic using a voodoo doll.


Voodoo has existed for several thousand years, and includes the strictly secret Bizango rituals and animal sacrifice, which are still practiced in the African states of Benin, Ghana, Gambia and Togo and in Haiti and Louisiana.


Voodoo, also written as VODON, VODOUN, VOUDOU, VOODOO, VODUN, VUDUN, VU`DU` WODU, Marabout is an officially recognised religion along with Christianity and Islam. Priests and priestesses have the same rights as their Catholic colleagues. They may officially carry out weddings, baptisms and burials. A “houngan” is a priest, whilst a “mambo” is a priestess.


Associated religions of the Yoruba tradition are practiced in varying forms and under different names in Santeria and Candomble.


Voodoo - Black Magic - White Magic


Unfortunately only few people know that voodoo does not only practice negative – i.e. black (Bokor) – magic, but is also able to practice positive white magic.



Voodoo gods


The gods are also known as Loas or Orishas (Orisa; Portuguese Orixá; Spanish Oricha; Yoruba: Òrìsà).


A few important Voodoo gods:


Shango (god of war)


Ogun (god of work and wealth)


Oshun (god of love, passion and excess)


Yemaja (god of the sea)


Omolu (god of disease and death)


Oxala (god of procreation and energy)


Oya (god of the forces of nature)


Ossain (god of herbs and medicine)


Ibeje (god of pleasure)


Legba (messenger of all Voodoo gods)


Ago Elleggua – opens the door to me


Fran ( God for black magic /Anmimal Sacrifice )

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