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Hello, I am Sheik a successful African Marabout (healer, voodoo priest and clairvoyant). My extremely strong powers manifest themselves in my work, which combines powerful prayer with spells from the Qu`ran and accompanying animal sacrifice rituals.


I am able to perform miracles beyond your wildest dreams. I have made people into millionaires, brought back or separated partners, demonstrably healed serious illnesses such as HIV/Aids and ulcers, helped convicted persons to be acquitted, helped women to become pregnant, improved fertility and virility, unleashed and dissolved extremely strong curses and much more.



There are not only easy, but also extremely difficult, hopeless and persistent problems which, for certain reasons, do not always yield results within three days to two weeks, but can drag on for longer, for example bringing back partners, who are sepor separating partners through a separation with voodoo magic - were also completed with an animal sacrifice, Aids, ulcers, dissolving black magic by means of animal sacrifice, lottery success......but with patience, resilience and faith, the necessary materials and my instructions, the desired result can be realised in virtually all cases between 3 days and 14 days. Also if you have bockades aor black magic on you!



I perfrom:


1. Distance spells via Koran or voodoodolls


2. Live Spells via Animal sacrifice and Koran


However, you will have to spend a few days here with me. Distance rituals, where possible at all, can I perform via Qu`ran - but not with animal sacrifice.


All I need from you is your full name, possibly your date of birth, the full name of your mother and, where relevant, the name of the partner you want to bring back and nothing else!



I work so long still your spell is really working well - if you come personality to me to africa! 99,9% about my spells, who I perform with my clients together in Afrika are real working in few days.


Secure bookings for your Africa Trip to me can be made through Maerlyn Rituals, which has vetted my work extremely thoroughly. Since I only speak my local African language, an interpreter from Maerlyn Rituals will be present.


I like to advise you free of charge to the proper the right spell r to select with you : sheick@maerlyn-rituals.com




Hi, I am Master Kamanu-Lamin, the first certified Haitian-African voodoo priest. I was not born into the role of voodoo priest like some African voodoo priests, but during three years spent in the Dominican Republic I learnt the powerful spiritual techniques of voodoo magic using herbs, candles, dolls and animal sacrifice.



I trained with an old, powerful Haitian voodoo priest in Haiti, who gave me my priest’s name “Kamanu”, which means “the advanced one”, to add to my original name “Emanual” (Manu), which means “God be with us”, or “the powerful God”. I continued training in Africa, learning further voodoo ritual techniques, and here I was given another name “Lamin”, the “first born”, which in Africa also means conscientious, trustworthy and, in my case, the first African white voodoo priest.


Voodoo rituals are not always the same and need to be adapted to the client, in the same way that clients’ problems are all different. There are cases that can be quickly resolved with a simple, easy voodoo procedure, whilst other cases require more in-depth, complex or even repeated procedures in order to obtain the desired result. A result may be delayed due to certain specific factors, but with patience, resilience and faith, in most cases the desired result will emerge.



What can be done with voodoo?


Almost all areas of life can be dealt with through voodoo, for example love, money, success, health, legal matters and work, as spiritual - energetic housecleansing.



I carry out my powerful rituals in Europe and in Africa, either live or from a distance – and I can even work with a webcam.



results come out the most time between 1 - 4 Weeks


Further information: www.power-ritual.com


My advertise for the right spell is free for you


E-mail: kamanu@maerlyn-rituals.com




More informations you will find under: info@maerlyn-rituals.com


Maerlyn und Ihre Voodoopriester


Here some Voodoopriests:


Papa Shalunga


Hello, I’m Papa Shalunga, an original African “Voodoo priest of the highest order” from Gambia, Africa. For many hundreds of years my ancestors have been successfully carrying out voodoo rituals using animal sacrifices to harness powerful black magic. As a young boy I learnt the secrets of powerful sacrificial rituals from my grandfather at our centuries-old ritual site. Now I am over ninety years old myself, am in excellent health and have been practising voodoo at our ritual site for over 85 years.


I perform traditionell powerfull bizango - spells via dolls, herbs , candles, special spellas and animal sacrifice.

I work via distance and live include yourself.

The most time will be the resulte between 2 - 4 Weeks, Safrifice 1 day - 2 weeks.

Which areas of your life can be changed through voodoo?


"Love - Money - Success - Happiness - Health – Legal matters"


Bringing partners together, bringing partners back, partner magnetism, partner loyalty, partner separation, money magnetism and happiness, energy purification, aura cleansing, protection and defence rituals, removing black magic of all kinds, prohibitions, negative energies, help through rituals for legal matters and contracts, health, pregnancy, virility, harmful magic, diablerie....


More information: www.shalunga.com


Let now free your advice E-mails: shalunga@maerlyn-rituals.com


My Voodoo God is: Fran




Hello, my name is Yankiuba and I am an African Marabout – a voodoo priest and palm-reader. I have been working as a Marabout for many years and practice powerful animal rituals in combination with prayers from the Koran.


What rituals are possible?


Palm-reading: Past - Present - Future


Rituals: Love – Money – Happiness – Success


However, you will need to spend a few days here with me; distance spells are rarely possible.


All I need from you is your full name, possibly your date of birth, the full name of your mother and, where relevant, the name of the partner you want to bring back, pictures.


The most time will be the result after 2 -4 Weeks


Let now free your advertise: yankiuba@maerlyn-rituals.com




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