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  • White and Black magic
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African and Haitian Voodoo Spells


(live and distance rituals – also via webcam)



My intention was to find a real Voodoo priest for certain objectives, and after countless failures and ever-recurring setbacks, frauds and a long, extensive search in Africa, I finally succeeded.


In all honesty, I was initially extremely sceptical as to whether the entire enterprise was simply nonsense or actually feasible. However, I have been more than convinced by the results of the magical work, and everything has worked out precisely as I had hoped and as I had been assured! That meant, in the end, I was unconditionally convinced.


Maerlyn Rituals now offers you the unique opportunity to have professional voodoo rituals & spells carried out on your behalf. Four Voodoo priests are available, of which two can even carry out your ritual in Europe, for example in Germany. Spiritual house cleansings are possible worldwide. In addition, Maerlyn Rituals offers safe, organised voodoo adventure tours to Africa, taking you directly to your Voodoo priests at a 100-year-old sanctified ritual site, in order to perform your ritual precisely in line with your needs, for example: animal sacrifice and energetic-spiritual cleansing on open water. (Affordable group trips for 2-5 persons are offered continuously at Maerlyn Rituals, but the more people who fly, the cheaper the trip becomes – simply enquire via e-mail.)


Which rituals can you have carried out?


Maerlyn’s rituals comprise virtually all areas of life – both private and professional.


We offer you professional love spells to bring you closer to your partner, to bring your partner back to you, to create magnetism with a partner, to create a closer connection with a partner, or to separate from a partner, as well as spells for luck, to attract money, spiritual cleansing to get rid of black magic and prohibitions, aura cleansing, exorcism, protection rituals, defence rituals, rituals for legal affairs and contracts, harmful magic, rituals for health, release from curses, house cleansing through energetic-spiritual cleansing as well as neutralisation of disturbance fields such as electromagnetic radiations sources, living space, sleeping space and workspace cleansing, as well as production of personal amulets for love, money, success, luck, protection and health, traditional African Voodoo guard belts and much more....


Traditional, powerfull, effective African-Haitian Voodoo rituals for black and white magic in the traditional languages English, German and Spanish and in the Voodoo languages of African, Creole and Bizango. You can also have candle, herbal, doll and animal sacrifice rituals performed (animal sacrifice in Africa only) and experience Voodoo adventure toursand spiritual-energetic house cleaning.


Experience your Voodoo ritual - spell performed by your experienced, ordained Voodoo priest guaranteed LIVE in Europe, e.g. Germany, and Africa, including distance viewing with a webcam, for example.


Get more information about your priests



We perfrom:


1. Distance spells via Koran or voodoodolls


2. Live Spells via Animal sacrifice and Koran


However, you will have to spend a few days here with me. Distance rituals, where possible at all, can I perform via Qu`ran - but not with animal sacrifice.


All I need from you is your full name, possibly your date of birth, the full name of your mother and, where relevant, the name of the partner you want to bring back and nothing else!



I work so long still your spell is really working well - if you come personality to me to africa! 99,9% about my spells, who I perform with my clients together in Afrika are real working in few days.


Secure bookings for your Africa Trip to me can be made through Maerlyn Rituals, which has vetted my work extremely thoroughly. Since I only speak my local African language, an interpreter from Maerlyn Rituals will be present.


I like to advise you free of charge to the proper the right spell r to select with you : sheick@maerlyn-rituals.com


What is possible with our magic?


Love - Partnership


Bringing back partners, bringing partners together, ensuring partner loyalty


Partner magnetism, faithfulness spells, partnership stabilisation, partner dependency


Partner separation, protection spells


Reactivation of sexual charisma, crisis management in marriage and partnership, sexual problems, desire for children, prohibitions, problems with virility, frigidity


Money – Success – Luck


Success in business, private success, successes on every level, happiness in life


Help with business and financial problems, purchase decisions, money magnetism, extreme lottery success




Legal matters of all kinds, court proceedings, contracts, documents, help with acquittals and release from prison.....




Removal of bad influences on family relationships, jealousy, protecting children against developmental problems, protecting the family from black magic or prohibitions, animals




Protection from magical attacks and curses of any kind, protection against attacks on the family or


ancestral curses, protection from negative influences, protection from the evil eye and jealousy, protection for children, protection against personal attacks, protection against negative patterns in romance, protection of houses, places, objects, extreme protection for soldiers against knife attacks and gunshot wounds, protection from poisoning in food or drinks




Mental and spiritual healing, help with impotence, frigidity, pregnancy, HIV/Aids, oedema, ulcers...




Release from possessing demons, release from possessing spirits, help for those who are possessed


Release from curses and magic


Dissolution of curses of any kind, release from negative energies, release from prohibitions


Release from black magic


Energetic-spiritual cleansing of the body – mind – soul – aura


Release from negative energies, release from negative vibes, release from prohibitions, release from runs of bad luck, prevention of evil magic


Counteraction of evil magic, counteraction of curses, release from magic of any kind, aura cleansing


Harmful magic (black magic with animal sacrifice and the Koran)


Extremely evil curses, family curses, harmful spells, house curses, separations


Runs of bad luck and much more, extreme voodoo curse through animal sacrifice


(enquire and discuss in person in Africa only)




Specific rituals tailored to the situation, African marriage ceremony to create a lifelong bond


Oracles and questions for the gods


Generally before the ritual


Amulets – talismans – lucky charms


Original African lucky charms, protection belts, chains, bracelets


Personal amulets made in-house for love, money, success, happiness, protection and health


For more information go to:info@maerlyn-rituals.com


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