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Haitian and African Voodoo priests


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Traditional, powerful, effective African and Haitian Voodoo rituals & spells using white and black magic with candles, herbs, voodoo dolls, animal sacrifice, powerful ancient spells and voodoo spirits of the gods (Loas). Production of personal amulets for happiness, love, money and protection as well as originally sanctified African guard belts and guard bands.




Card reading - Clairvoyance - Oracles - Pendulums


Past - Present - Future


for love - family - work - health


Accurate with time details – Problem analysis


by Maerlyn


Magical powers such as spells and voodoo magic, and predicting the future using clairvoyance, oracles, card readings, astrology and numerology have always fascinated human beings and can have a particular effect on a person in bringing about change for the better or worse. For centuries prominent emperors, kings, noblemen and warriors have sought help from these universal powers and deities, performed rituals in order to achieve the seemingly impossible. Even now in modern times, more and more people are reaching back to ancient traditions in order to restore harmony to their lives.

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